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Insomnia. Insomnia


Frighteningly 1 in 3 of us do not get enough sleep. This has a direct impact on both mental and physical health.

How much sleep do we need
Women need more than men and an average adult needs 7-9 hours’ sleep per night. When we sleep our bodies repair soft tissue, process our learning release hormones and restore our energy stores ready for the next day

Lack of sleep can disturb the hormone balance in our bodies which in turn can cause a poor immune system, stress, weight gain, sugar cravings, high blood pressure, it can impair cognitive ability and increase risk of injury.

How to help get a good night’s sleep
1 Routine – go to bed the same time each night and get up at the same time.
2 Avoid over stimulation before bedtime. Screens are known to disrupt sleep so instead of looking at a laptop, mobile or tv try reading a
3 Create a calming environment and avoid wi fi lights. An old fashioned clock is better than using a mobile for an alarm. Diffusing essential
oils such as Lavendar can aid relaxation and sleep as can meditation
4 Avoid caffeine from late in the afternoon. There are many calming herbal teas available such as chamomile or specific night time ones.
Avoid things like hot chocolate as the sugar content can create spikes.
5 An obvious one – get comfy and be at the right temperature
6 Have a Bowen Treatment

How Does Bowen Therapy help with Insomnia

It has been proven touch can stimulate serotonin production which helps to regulate temperature, mood and appetitive.
Pain can prohibit sleep and Bowen therapy addresses the musculosketal issues helping to prevent pain. The gentle Bowen moves help the body’s nerve receptors to calm down the nervous system and reduce pain and anxiety which in turn aids a good night’s sleep.

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