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Welcome to "A Balanced Body with Bowen"

A gentle hands on therapy which treats YOU and YOUR body as a unique individual
Covering Bracknell, Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough, Marlow, Bourne End, Henley and all the areas in between.

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Bowen Therapy Coronavirus Update 11th July 2020

I am very happy and excited to let you know that I am now able to offer Bowen Therapy appointments again. I am taking appointments from Monday 13th July. I do have a waiting list so please if you are thinking of having a Bowen Therapy appointment do contact me and I will gladly book you in. This has been a tough time for most people so please if you have any questions, do call or email me.

All the risk assessments and hygiene and procedures meet the highest standards and are all in place. If you would like to know more about them do contact me.

Everyone is dealing with "lock down" or now the lack of it in their own way and there is no right or wrong, so please if you need to get anything off your chest or ask anything at all please do contact me.

Over the last few weeks, I have been receiving more calls than normal for Bowen Therapy from people who are struggling with sciatica. This could be for a few reasons, some common ones could be:
• Poor posture – sitting more than normal.
• Poor posture – working from home and not having the desk, chair and computer at the correct height.
• Stress and anxiety – causing the body to tense and move awkwardly.

I have put together some information on sciatica. please just click here to read it

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Feel Better with Bowen Therapy

My name is Lee Avery and I’m passionate about Bowen Therapy, which has been known to help with all areas of pain relief such as back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, digestive problems and frozen shoulders. In fact my very first client had a frozen shoulder back in 2011 and has experienced no problems with it since. The Bowen Technique can also offer relief from long-term injuries, which may be as a result of poor posture, and long term illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and parkinson's. It can help to improve health and flexibility, improve sporting performance (if your body is aligned and you are able to breathe easier you will naturally perform better) and encourage relaxation. Bowen Therapy can also support emotional and mental well-being, including stress relief and any anxiety issues by switching off or turning down the sympathetic nervous system and allow its opposite, the parasympathetic nervous system to become dominant, enabling the body to slow down, rest and relax, clearing the mind.

I qualified in 2011 and a member of the CNHC. To find out more about the requirements they need to be a member please Click Here, The Federation of Holistic Therapists please click here to find out more about them, the BTPA, please Click Here to find out more about this organisation and the treatment and Find a Therapy pleaseclick here

The Wellness Centre in Moss End Village, is where my Bracknell Bowen Therapy is carried out. It is a lovely, quiet, relaxing space and where I am most often to be found offering my Bowen Therapy treatments. If you would like to find out more about this unique treatment. Call me on 07710722615 or 01344 531629 or email [email protected]

My Bourne End Bowen Therapy clinic is at The Lotus Centre and is central Bourne End so very accessible from Marlow, High Wycombe, and Loudwater.
My Maidenhead Bowen Therapy Clinic is both at The Amber Zone and The Wellness Centre
Bowen Therapy in Windsor is at Yoga For Harmony and this covers quite a wide area such as Slough, Langley, and Wraysbury.
Henley Bowen Therapy is carried out at Bodywise

Owing to Coronavirus I am waiting to see what availability these clinics will have when we are able to return to treating. I will keep you posted.

To find out where the clinics are based Just CLICK HERE.

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What Is the Bowen Technique Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a hands-on, non invasive complimentary therapy. It is based on the work of Tom Bowen, where distinctive moves are applied at very precise points on the body, which allows fascial release and prompts the body to start healing. To find out more about this amazing man just Click Here

A Bowen Therapy treatment consists of sequences of small moves at varying pressures, each at a specific site on the body. The treatment is pleasant with no forceful manipulation. It is a gentle hands on therapy which treats YOU as a unique individual.

To watch a short video about Bowen Therapy and learn more, please CLICK HERE

Bowen Therapy For Everyone

Bowen Therapy is suitable for everyone from newborn babies to our older population. It is not restricted by age or sex and over the last few years I have found that I am treating more and more men. This is great news as men are often not very good at asking for help.

Two in five (41%) men in England, Scotland and Wales aged 20-59 do not seek support when they need to, because they prefer to solve their own problems. The survey also showed that men often don’t want to feel like a burden and don’t feel their problems will be understood.

It is incredibly important to share how you are feeling and not to keep it all inside. Sometimes physical pain can be a way of your body trying to tell you that you need to offload things. Men's roles have changed so much over recent years and that in itself can cause stress and problems. Often men will come to me with a problem such as recurring migraines, or restless legs and it is really important to get to the bottom of these albeit an alignment issue or an emotional one. So do please call me. I am at the moment unable to offer physical therapy but very happy to talk, or respond to emails.

To learn more about men's health, how you can help yourself or how you can support someone please click here

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Upcoming Events

Simplicity Day 12th July 2020

Some ideas to help you relax, unwind and live simply for the day

National Simplicity Day is on July 12th and it was founded in honour of Henry David Thoreau, who was born on July 12,1817. Thoreau was an advocate of living simply and wrote a number of well known books on the subject.
We live in a busy world now where mobile phone’s, laptops and other modern day gadgets mean that we very rarely experience true peace and quiet to gather our thoughts, and it is very important to our health to simply unplug.

I feel that this year in particular with the environmental issues, the violence, the mental health problems which are arising and covid 19, we should really make an effort to have a simplicity day.

Some ideas are:
• Pick up a book
• Unplug from your devices. You will be surprised at how refreshing it can feel to not be constantly plugged into everyone else’s life.
• De-clutter your home.
• Try Mindfulness or Meditation.
• Have a relaxing therapy, such as Bowen Therapy, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, or hot stone massage (unfortunately due to covid,
this is not possible this year, but worth making a note for next year)
• Go for a walk.
• Try a relaxing form of exercise, such as yoga or Tai Chi

What’s good about National Simplicity Day
• It’s an excuse to unwind. Our lives are constantly scheduled out between jobs, school, workouts, childcare, etc. and we often forget how taxing it can be to always be moving from one thing to the next. Simplicity Day gives us a chance to put all of those elements of our lives on pause, even if it’s just mentally, and focus on the importance of the simple things.
• It celebrates getting back to nature. For Thoreau, a big part of living simply was getting away from the distractions of everyday life by spending time in nature. That could be in the woods, by a lake, on a beach, you name it. Spending time in nature also happens to be one of those special, simple pleasures with an extra perk: it’s free!
• It’s an ancient idea. Although Simplicity Day is celebrated in honour of Thoreau, the principles behind it go back way further than the nineteenth century and span across many different cultures. From the founders of the yoga practice to monks of both eastern and western traditions, many groups of people through the ages have banded around philosophies that emphasised simplifying your life in both mental and material ways.

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Keeping Up to Date!

Not only do I love learning but it is so important to keep up to date and learn new things. I have been extremely fortunate over the years to go on some amazing courses. Meeting and working with different teachers and therapists keeps me fresh and I always come away inspired and with new ideas. Practitioner Courses are always great as they are tailored to our individual needs, but the Body Mind Works and Cranio Bowen courses were absolutely amazing and I use the work from these frequently and my clients have definitely noticed a difference. In fact I loved the Cranio Bowen course so much I am about to go on it again! Another very useful course was the "Exercise and Rehabilitation " course as that really refreshed my personal training knowledge and I came away with some great new exercises to be able to give to you if appropriate.

Clinics I Treat From

Bracknell Bowen Therapy is at The Wellness Centre, Warfield RG42 6EJ
Maidenhead Bowen Therapy is at The Amber Zone, SL6 5DA
Bourne End Bowen Therapy is at The Lotus Centre, SL8 5QD
Windsor Bowen Therapy is at Yoga for Harmony SL4 1RU

Just CLICK HERE to find out further details of the clinics

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Bowen Therapy is designed to be complementary to any medical treatments and advice you are currently taking. It should not be seen as replacing or as an alternative to seeking the advice of a clinically qualified person.

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