I’m Lee Avery, an experienced Bowen Therapist with a passion for helping people to feel the best they possibly can.

Prior to being a Bowen Therapist, I experienced a varied background in the corporate world, but realised that I wanted to find something more fulfilling. In the past, my hobbies included competitive running and cycling at a high level, qualifying for the age group world championships in Duathlon. However, during this time I was frequently injured and experimented with many treatments. The only treatment that had an impact for me was Bowen Therapy. I knew I wanted to leave the corporate world and be able to help people improve their quality of life. For that reason, I became a personal trainer, UK athletics coach and trained in Bowen Therapy. It became very apparent after only a couple of years that Bowen Therapy was my passion and I stopped personal training to concentrate full time on Bowen Therapy. I am glad to have gone through the personal trainer’s course as it gave me an in-depth knowledge of movement patterns and I still use this knowledge today amongst many other tools that I have learnt along my journey. I am a member of BTPA, CNHC, and FHT. These are all professional bodies which have criteria that as members we need to abide to. To find out more about them and the criteria we need to follow please visit the following:

BTPA - https://www.bowentherapy.org.uk/
CNHC https://www.cnhc.org.uk/
FHT https://www.fht.org.uk/

I very much believe in continuing to develop my skills and so can often be found on Bowen Therapy and associated courses. The body and mind are connected, and one can have an amazing impact on the other so alongside Bowen I have studied, NLP, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy, EFT, and EMDR+ and relaxation techniques and am a member of The National Society of Psychotherapists (NSPsy). I can offer these either alongside a Bowen Treatment or as a stand-alone therapy. I always offer an in-depth consultation whereby we can discuss the different options and ensure that you are comfortable with them. My end goal is to help you feel better both physically and emotionally.

The results I see with the Bowen Technique from my grandchildren, through to elderly people, as well as the athletes I coach never ceases to amaze me.

Keeping Up To Date

Not only do I love learning, but it is so important to keep up to date and learn new things. I have been extremely fortunate over the years to attend some amazing courses. Meeting and working with different teacher and therapists keep me fresh and I always come away inspired with new ideas. Practitioner courses are always great as they are tailored to our individual needs but working with the mind and understanding different personalities and how we tick with the range of NLP, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and other associated courses opened a new dimension to my work. Another course I absolutely loved and so do my clients was the “Cranio Bowen” course, in fact I loved it so much I went on it twice! A very useful course which sharpened up my personal training knowledge was the “Exercise and Rehabilitation” course, and I came away with some great new exercises should you need them. Owing to Covid I have not been able to go on any hands on courses recently, but am very much looking forward to being able to attend them again.