Anxiety – You are not alone!

In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week. This information has been taken from the charity “MIND”. Furthermore anxiety in children is increasing.

bowen treatment for anxiety

What can cause Anxiety

People can react differently to different life events situations. For example job changes and work stress, Family and relationship problems can cause anxiety in some people whereas others sail through these problems. Recently I have been treating a number of people for driving anxiety after being involved in a car accident, whereas many of us would get back in the car with no problem. Health problems can also cause anxiety such as asthma, heart disease, it’s unpleasant and worrying not being able to breathe easily, something many of us take for granted. Unfortunately I am seeing more and more young people with anxiety due to pressure of school work and the impact social media is having on their lives. I recently shared an article about the impact of technology on children. Just click CLICK HERE to see this.

Different types of anxiety:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder This is when people feel worried most of the time and is not related to specific life event triggers. This can interfere with their normal everyday lives.

Social Phobia This often affects people who have a fear of being criticized, embarrassed or humiliated. These people will have anxious feelings around social events and not like speaking in public, being assertive or making small talk.

Specific Phobias
There are a huge variety of phobias, such as heights, spiders, flying Most of the time these can be avoided but some can be difficult to avoid and bring on panic attacks even with the smallest of triggers.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (also known as OCD) These people have ongoing fears which can often lead to the obsession of carrying out certain rituals or behaviour. Such as a fear of germs, so constantly washing hands or safety so a ritual of keep checking doors are locked and things turned off. Most people accept their behavior appears silly but continue with it irrespectively.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)This can happen after someone experiences a traumatic event. Often their life, and safety of themselves or others around them. This often manifests in re-experiencing the past such as flashbacks of the event and avoidance of anything related. It is worth noting here that everyone is individual and what one person will feel is a traumatic event, another might not see it that way.

Panic Attacks
These are often a common symptom for people with an anxiety disorder and can happen for no apparent reason. They can be very frightening as often there is a shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness and sweating.


Things that can help with Anxiety

There are many things which can help with anxiety. Breathing techniques, restorative yoga, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, cbt, good nutrition, regular exercise, homeopathy and bowen therapy to name just a few.

Here is a useful video to watch about Anxiety.

Bowen Therapy for Anxiety

Bowen Therapy for anxiety works with the body’s nerve receptors to calm down the nervous system. This prompts the body to move from the fight, flight, freeze mode to the parasympathetic mode. Bowen Therapy works with the fascia which holds onto trauma throughout the person’s lifetime and can help to release these emotions. It is common not only for a person to feel very relaxed but to experience a release of emotions, either during or following a Bowen treatment. Some other benefits that make Bowen Therapy a good choice is that the treatment is very gentle and can be carried out through light clothing so there is no need to undress. There is no force, or manipulation during treatment and after a few moves there is a break allowing the body to do the work.

A common feature of people with anxiety is poor posture as people hunch over and cross legs and arms to make themselves as small as possible so that they feel safer. This inhibits breathing which in turn can make the anxiety worse and can cause misalignment in the body which can cause pain thus compounding the problem. Bowen Therapy can help address the misalignment problem and there are specific moves to help with breathing.

There is a wealth of advice about anxiety available now. I have put some links below for your reference.

For information from the charity "MIND" CLICK HERE
For information from the "Mental Health Organisation" CLICK HERE

There are also meditation and mindfulness apps on mobiles such as “Calm”, Headspace and “The Mindfulness App”