How Lymphatic Drainage boosts your immune system.

The importance of white blood cells and the lymphatic system.

Starting in our bone marrow are white blood cells.

Our bodies constantly need to make more white blood cells as they only have a short life span of two to three day. There are different types, but their aim is to fight infection. They make their way to the lymphatic system and lymphatic organs where they mature and prepare to be activated.

Our lymphatic systems help protect our bodies against infection. They do this by producing white blood cells called lymphocytes whose aim is to rid our bodies of disease-causing-microorganisms.

Macrophages are white blood cells that kill bacteria and consume dead cells and debris. Lymphocytes are throughout our bodies. It is within the lymphatic system that macrophages are most likely to encounter the foreign microorganisms. So, having a healthy lymphatic system will help protect us against those germs that are so prevalent this time of year.