Feel gratitude and be happy.

Gratitude is so important, it can change a negative mindset into a positive mindset and make us feel happier. When we are happier we respond in a more positive way to everything around us whether it be family, friends or work, so let us pause for a moment and be grateful for what we do have.

Ten Ways expressing Gratitude can help us

1. Makes us feel happier
2. Improves our Immune System
3. Lowers Blood Pressure
4. Improves our Sleep
5. Helps reduce anxiety and depression
6. Reduces inflammation through the body
7. Promotes a Healthier Heart Rhythm
8. Helps you become more connected with yourself and the environment
9. Reduces ageing effects to the brain
10. Improves relationships

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How to Express Gratitude

1. Keep a gratitude journal.
2. Tell an employee, a friend or a loved one something you appreciate about them.
3. Look at yourself in the mirror and think of something you like about yourself.
4. Sit in a quiet place and think about when something went well. How did that feel? Practice that feeling every day for a week.
5. Next time something bad happens consider 5 good things that happened as a result of this event.
6. Write someone a thank you note.
7. Write it down, talk about it, think about it, re-live it, meditate.