How to avoid pain and stress during the holidays.

Why do I have pain during holidays especially Christmas.

Some common reasons and how to combat them are:

Change in Temperature.

  • Cold weather can affect any part of the body, especially if you have stiff joints or muscles.

Wear layers of light clothing and remove them as you need to.

Ensure your back is totally covered and that it is not exposed to the cold when bending over.

Lack of Exercise

  • We tend to be sitting around a lot more visiting friends and family.
  • We generally spend more time eating which again we are sitting for.
  • We are out of routine so often even that daily walk often doesn’t happen.

Move - go for a short or long walk.

Get up and move around the house more often rather than sitting for hours in one position.

Don't slump in a poor position for a long time. Stand up, sit down and shake like a dog then you are breaking those bad posture patterns which can help to alleviate pain.


  • Holidays often cause stress, both physically and emotionally.
  • Some people spend a lot of time driving from one place to another.
  • We may have to make conversation with people that we would prefer not to.
  • We are generally out of routine and overall, the body and mind reacts well to some sort of basic routine.
  • Sleeping patterns tend to change during holidays.
  • Our choices of food tend to be poor with too much sugar an. often additional alcohol intake.

If you are driving for long periods or frequently, ensure you take breaks during the drive or take a brief walk before arriving and immediately sitting down.

Plan not to spend too long sitting with people that you struggle with, perhaps suggest going for a walk or playing a game so it takes the onus off the conversation.

Sleep is a challenging one as for many people it is nice to break with the routine of daily getting up time.

Ensure that you get adequate good quality sleep time and as you return to work, gradually start slipping back into your normal routine, so it is not such a shock to the system.

Drink plenty of water and move to alleviate the effects of too much alcohol and rich food

How Can I Help?

It is important that if you are experiencing soreness, digestive or emotional problems that you look to remedy it as soon as possible.  Generally, it won’t simply go away. The body will be inflamed and if you have tried all of the above and pain persists or you feel out of sorts with yourself, I would recommend you contact me.

Lymphatic Drainage is excellent for removing toxins from the body, helping to get rid of that excessive food, drink and removing inflammation from any pain.

Bowen Therapy helps with any alignment issues that have been caused by poor posture over the period.

My Talking Therapies cover a wide range (such as EFT, EMDR+. Psychotherapy, NLP Positive Psychology, and the Behavioural Model) to help you deal with emotional problems, stress, addictions, and phobias that you are experiencing.

Lack of self-esteem is common in many people and sometimes spending additional time with people over holidays that you would choose not to can make you judge yourself harshly and leave you feeling drained and with brain fog.

We all have unique talents and respond differently to people and situations. I would like to be able to help you find your true self so that you can live a fulfilling life. Emotional issues also frequently give rise to pain in the body.

lady with back pain