Benefits of Smiling

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Why should we smile?

1 It improves our mood.

When you smile your body releases three different hormones: dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. These hormones “trick” your body into feeling happier, as low levels of these hormones are associated with depression. Something as simple as looking through favourite photos on your phone or creating an album can bring a smile to your face. You’ll be surprised by how much your mood can improve by doing something as effortless as smiling!

2 It decreases Stress.

Laughter and smiling have several health benefits including lowering stress hormones and reducing physical tension throughout your body. Try listening to a funny podcast on your morning commute or during an evening walk. Finding something or someone funny not only improves your mood but laughter also relaxes your muscles by increasing your blood circulation. So, the more you laugh, the more you will feel calm and stress-free!

3 It reduces Blood Pressure.

When we are stressed, our heart rate increases, and our blood pressure rises. Just like smiling through a worrying situation can help lower stress levels, smiling can also help lower blood pressure. According to Chris Norris, “smiling and laughing initially increases heart rate, then relaxes the muscle, and eventually decreases the heart rate and blood pressure.” Smiling isn’t just an expression you can wear, but a way to improve your overall health.

4 Strengthens your Immune System.

That good feeling when you smile or laugh triggers a chemical reaction in your brain, which releases small proteins called neuropeptides. These tiny molecules maintain immune tolerance and may help fight potentially serious illnesses. Life can be hectic so make sure to include humour in your daily routine. Whether it’s watching your favourite comedy or sharing funny videos or memes with friends it’s important to find ways to keep the mood light and find time to have a laugh.

5 It reduces pain. T

The endorphins that are released when you smile can temporarily reduce body aches or minor pains. Over time increased laughter can elevate your pain threshold and help you build a higher pain tolerance. So, if you’re experiencing soreness make it a priority to get some laughs in while watching one of your favourite comedy flick or being with some-one that makes you smile and laugh. You’ll not only limit body pain but you’ll be improving your overall health and well-being, too!

6 Last but not least and my favourite reason of all.  Smiling is contagious

How many times have you heard that a smile has the power to light up the room? While it is certainly a beautiful sentiment, it carries a hint of truth. Smiling not only can elevate your mood, but it can also change the moods of others for the better.

Your brain automatically notices and interprets other people's facial expressions—and sometimes, you may even mimic them. That means that you might spot someone else's smile and unconsciously smile yourself. Yes, it is scientifically proven that smiles are contagious

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