Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

As many of us are working from home and not sitting at our normal desks, many people are suffering with back pain, but I am also seeing more and more people with neck and shoulder pain. I feel there are a couple of reasons for this. Naturally, we are not moving as often when working from home. In a work environment we get up and talk to people or go into meetings, most meetings are now being carried out on zoom and therefore we tend to sit in a more fixed position than when we are at a meeting. This is often in an incorrect position and leaning on one arm. This naturally puts additional pressure on the arm and can subsequently cause the shoulder and even arm to become inflamed and stiff which aggravates our neck and can even lead to headaches. Also, often when we are in a meeting there is water supplied and how many of you have forgotten to get that water prior to tuning in to a zoom meeting? Again, this will cause the body to stiffen.

Things that you can do to help alleviate the pain

• Wriggle your fingers, elbows toes and move your shoulders whilst you are working, this will create movement through the whole
• Breathe and as you exhale release the shoulders.
• Try to get in a comfortable position without leaning on one arm, worse scenario change arms throughout the meeting.
• Avoid sitting on the sofa.
• Ensure you have water to hand.
• Move as often as you are able.
• Epsom salts are also extremely beneficial to read about how to use Epsom Salt please read my latest newsletter.
• At the end of the meeting or day, participate in an online exercise class. There are many to choose from or perhaps go for a walk,
run or bike. Getting out into the fresh air is good for you.

How does Bowen Therapy Help with Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Prolonged sitting with our head forward puts too much strain on our spine, specifically our cervical spine (neck) that can cause early wear and tear, including muscular tension and/or structural vertebra issues such as herniated discs or bulging discs for example.

Bowen Therapy addresses the whole body, gently relaxing the fascia and allowing the body to realign into its natural position, thus alleviating neck and shoulder pain. There are also occasions when exercises may be given to aid the treatment.