March 1st is World Compliment Day

Compliments make us feel good. — both giving and receiving them. Feeling valued and appreciated are basic human needs.

Compliments help us communicate.
 an appreciation we feel toward one another and that makes us feel good. Being complimentary helps us create an optimistic, happier outlook.

Being paid a compliment can light up
 the same parts of your brain that get activated when you get
paid a monetary award. Other research suggests compliments and praise may help us when it comes to learning new motor skills
and behaviours.

Paying someone a compliment can also be a good conversation starter — or a good way to get over an awkward bump in a

How to pay good compliments

They should be sincere. Otherwise our tone and body language may give away the fact we don’t mean them. Everyone has qualities that can be complimented. Pay attention to them and compliment them, on those.

Pay attention.

Pay attention to the people around you, notice what you like about that person.

Be Specific

The best compliments are specific. They refer to character traits, behaviours, or appearance of that person, rather than a generalised compliment.

Give Plenty of compliments.

It’s good to give compliments daily in close relationships to stop one another being taken for granted. Making a concerted effort to notice all the good things about your partner (or family member or friend) is important. When you compliment frequently you notice the good things in that person which can strengthen the relationship rather than noticing the negative things.

If people struggle to accept compliments.

They may struggle with low self esteem and feel they are unworthy of the compliment. In this instance perhaps show an interest in that person and what they are doing instead.

Accepting compliments happily.

Some people think that accepting compliments is bragging, But it’s not. Compliments are about communicating with those around you what you appreciate and what’s working. Learning how to graciously accept compliments is just as important as learning how to give them, otherwise it could be like refusing to accept a gift from someone.